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MiRO is now listed as a supplier on Payabill!

June 30, 2023
Miro logo, a partner of Payabill for financing solutions for IT solutions

MiRO is now listed as a supplier on Payabill!

Payabill offers an innovative platform that caters to businesses of all sizes, providing them with flexible finance solutions to fuel their growth. With Payabill, businesses can choose from a range of repayment terms that best suit their needs, making it an attractive choice for managing cash flow effectively.

As an online financing platform, Payabill simplifies the financing process by offering competitive options. Whether businesses need to purchase inventory, upgrade equipment, or invest in growth opportunities, Payabill provides the means to do so with ease and convenience.

MiRO has partnered with Payabill to expand its network of suppliers, ensuring a wide array of product choice for their customers. As a leading distributor of wireless, networking, and security products in South Africa, we have built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality solutions to businesses across various industries. By listing as a supplier on Payabill, we empower you as our customer to capitalise on the flexibility and agility that Payabill offers.

How to use Payabill when buying from us?

When buying from us, using Payabill is simple. Just select EFT as the payment choice when completing an online order on, then open your Payabill portal and choose MiRO as the supplier to complete the transaction. The same process applies to making a payment for an order from your sales representative.

At MiRO, we are dedicated to empowering you to connect communities. Partnering with Payabill is just another way we support your business growth and success. Apply at Payabill today by visiting their website at

You can contact them on email via or their call centre line 087 135 2228, they are available on WhatsApp too, 061 981 7587.

Just another way that we Empower You, to connect communities.

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