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Meet the Supplier: BeztForex

July 22, 2021
Meet the Supplier: BeztForex

Meet Our Suppliers

Over the years Payabill has formed strong relationships with our suppliers which has enabled us to assist many small businesses in need of funding. As we continue to strive for growth, we hope to keep strengthening these partnerships with our suppliers, as well as onboarding others to assist in growing many more small businesses!

Meet BeztForex:

BeztForex is a Foreign Exchange Intermediary Company. They provide a wide spectrum of Foreign Exchange and Banking Solutions to Importers, Exporters & Investors in South Africa.

Their team of highly skilled and experienced representatives are on hand to assist their customers with cross border trade and foreign exchange requirements. Their main objective is to help businesses and individuals involved in global trade and investments to become more competitive.

Their target markets include:

• Companies in South Africa involved in Imports, Exports and Investments.

• Offshore companies investing in South African companies through loan funding or equity investment.

• Private individuals emigrating, investing abroad or receiving inheritances.

Hear it from them:

BeztForex, together with Payabill, has developed a bespoke credit offering that allows small businesses to access much needed funding, providing vital working capital solutions to enhance and grow their businesses, giving us the edge when it comes to international trade financing. Both our companies share the same passion to empower small businesses to grow and flourish.” – Herman Bezuidenhout, CEO of BeztForex

BeztForex has many products and services which can be viewed by visiting

Being an accredited supplier of Payabill can benefit your business in many ways, including but not limited to: instant payments, buy now and pay later options, increased sales, as well as cashback opportunities for your customers. Most importantly we help grow your business by improving your business’s cash flow through our various products such as local and international trade finance, and asset financing. We are the number one partner to help you succeed!

To partner us with Payabill, visit us HERE!

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