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How Partnering with Payabill can Assist your Business!

June 18, 2021
trade financing

At Payabill, we have helped to shape and pioneer trade and asset financing amongst B2Bs in South Africa, over the past few years. We have built our business on certain values and objectives. Our main objective is to help as many small businesses grow as big as possible, as quickly as possible! To accelerate the growth of small businesses, we partner with suppliers. Suppliers play a vital role in building the supply chain for SME's across the country, but they can only do this if they have the ability to offer a variety of repayment options.

Being a supplier and partnering up with us can help your business in so many ways. Some of the benefits of teaming up with Payabill includes:

Instant Payment:

Being a supplier to small businesses can at times be frustrating, but with Payabill we can help boost your sales by helping you receive payments immediately. Payabill is a cost-effective alternative to factoring your receivables that helps you to sell more without changing your terms or collections risk.

Buy Now Pay Later:

Through Payabill's trade financing options, customers are able to purchase and receive their stock immediately while allowing them to make their 1st repayment 35 days later! This would make being a supplier more appealing as the flexible repayment terms you would be able to offer your customers is an offering not many would be able to match!

Increase your Sales:

By partnering up with Payabill we will settle your customer's proformas, quotes or statements immediately. This would allow your business to receive payment instantly which will help the cash flow of your business allowing you to grow your sales!


Have the opportunity to offer your customers cash backs! When financing stock purchases through Payabill and using an accredited Payabill supplier, your customers can qualify for cash backs, which will enable your customer to receive money back in their bank account when they are finished repaying!

Grow your Business:

With an increase in sales, you will ultimately be able to grow and expand your business. Knowing this will add peace of mind as you will get cash upfront for the goods you are selling to your customers!

Value Adding:

We add operational value by giving your customers the opportunity to use funding that they may require. Furthermore, there is absolutely no risk or cost to partner with us! We pay you upfront and have the financial agreement with the end customer.

We at Payabill can help improve your business's cash flow and manage your customer's payments with small business finance options, such as trade and asset financing, allowing your business to continue to thrive. It's quick and easy to get you set up to accept Payabill payment!

Together, let us work hand in hand, as we continue to assist as many businesses as possible to grow and achieve their own success. To become a supplier with us, get in touch today by clicking HERE.

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